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Ledisplay is one of the world's leading creative LED display manufacturers. Our company is committed in developing the lightest and thinnest high-end LED displays for concerts and events. As the undisputed industry leader in China, Ledisplay is able to offer a full range of services鈥?from research and development to the manufacturing of custom-made designs in accordance with the customer's vision and specifications. As a result Ledisplay has been propelled into the leading edge of the creative LED industry, providing spectacular displays in the fields of art, culture, sports, show business and live performances.'

Our business philosophy consists of more than just decorating events with LED equipment.We are constantly at the forefront of developing fresh and innovative concepts. Ledisplay's staggering success over
the years derives from the fact that we create our own unique and unrivaled technologies based on a strong commitment towards Research & Development. In addition to meeting the quality and safety regulations as set by independent organizations like CE and UL, all Ledisplay products have also passed the ISO 9001 requirements. Ledisplay prides itself for being one of the first major Chinese LED company to make a conscious effort in making its product as environmentally friendly as possible to ensure both a smaller carbon footprint as well as a broader market appeal. Presently Ledisplay's primary focus is to become a first class enterprise in raising the bar for the LED entertainment industry. Ledisplay will surely be one of the creative LED industry leaders in the coming years through our investment in R&D, strategic marketing, prompt customer service, and standardization of quality.